Irish whiskey turns on the girls!

Jameson from Ireland

Bericht über die Whiskey Destille Jamson in Irland für eine englische Zeitschrift

Irish whiskey turns on the girls!

No one in the World knows the art of producing a splendid and mild whiskey, as the Irish distillery John Jameson. They produce a drink, which takes the women like a storm just like the Scottish do among men. And Jameson is really a magic drink that will help you against anything from a dry throat to get of the girls trousers…

The World does not turn out to be what we think it is. Most people believe that whisky comes from Scotland. That’s not the truth. Whisky was invented by Irish monks in the 15th century and they brought their Drink of the God’s to Scotland. At home the named home burned liquor “Uisge Beatha”, which means ”water of life”. And today this magic drink has defeated the entire world in such a powerful way that even vodka, rum and cognac have to accept that whisky has taken the crown and it will never give it back.

A lot of people think that whisky is a drink only tough Scots can drink, but this is also not entirely correct. During 1990th whisky got more popular than ever, and single malt whisky became the drink you had to order in the bar. At the same time women found out that it was possible to get milder whiskey too and they started drinking Irish Jameson.

  • I have been drinking Jameson whiskey a couple of years, Maria say, while she takes a sip of the golden coloured drink. This is so good, because it mild and strong at the same time, but the best is the fact that Jameson turns me on sexually.
  • I have to admit that I’m such a great fan of Irish whiskey that I have been in Cork just to visit the Jameson distillery.

Through more than 500 years the Irish have thoroughgoing of making a perfect whiskey. They have obtained magic result when they have combined their crystal clear water with barley and peat. The old workmanship has become a close to perfect and the very day today they still put all of their soul into every drop of the amber drink.

It might seem easy to produce whiskey, because the drink only got three ingredients barley, soft spring water and yeast.

At the end of the 1770th a middle aged Scotsman ’erne sat foot in Dublin. His name was John Jameson and the goal for his journey was business and he liked was he saw, because the Irish capital grew fast. John Jameson has definitely smelled the unmistakable optimism that characterized Ireland and meeting all the trading people, who exported manufactured goods to England and imported luxury goods, all this must have made the active Scotsman more than happy. In this climate, where all opportunities were open to anyone, John Jameson saw his chance to open a whiskey distillery with the sole purpose to export the whiskey to the English and especially to the two major ports Liverpool and Bristol.

In 1780 was the year John Jameson opened his first distillery in the hearth of Dublin. Even if John Jameson was Scottish he decided to produce Irish whiskey, which is different from Scottish whisky. It’s not only the way of spelling but also the Irish are fond of a mild and soft taste contrary the Scottish much stronger whisky’s. This is because the Irish produce their whiskey by mixing malted barley with clean barley while it’s distilled. The Scottish instead distils barley and the other ingredience separately. Last and least the Irish whiskey are distilled three times while the Scottish only distils their whisky two times.

In these days there were more than 2000 distilleries in Ireland and in spite of the fact that the English put tax on the production, they never earned as much as a single pound Sterling, because all distilleries had armoured guards, who scarred away all English tax people.

First they put the barley in water (malting), where is starts to germinate. During the germination the starch inside the barley is loosened as malt sucker. The germination is stopped, when the green malt is dried and smoked in a malt oven. Afterwards the malt is milled to flower, which is mixed with water in huge mash tubs. The juice gets yeast and the fermentation starts until it turns into a mild alcohol.

Next part is the distillation, where the coming whiskey is distilled three times in huge copper vessels. The law says it has to ripen at least 3 years, before it came be called whiskey. A good malt whiskey demands at least 8 years. The distilleries prefer old Spanish sherry barrels, which gives the whisky the amber colour. During maturation a good part of the whiskey evaporates, this they call the Angels share!

After maturation the whiskey is dilute with water, until it gets down to approximately 40 % alcohol. After filtration it’s ready to get bottled.

Like Maria tells Irish whiskey is not a drink you just poor down. It’s actually the greatest invention in the history of Ireland that’s why you have to treat whiskey with respect.

  • It gives a special good feeling to enjoy, Marie says. First of all I don’t spend all evening on the toilet like all the beer drinking people do and I don’t get the bad taste of too much sucker like in the vodka-lemon drinks. The whiskey simply glides down and it gives me an enormous sexual stimulation.
  • I have that many good reasons to drink whiskey but at the end of the day I do it, because I love the taste.
  • I want to recommend all people to go to Ireland and visit the Jameson distillery. They will show you and teach you everything about producing excellent whiskey and at the end you will be served a glass or two…
Jameson from Ireland

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